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8 Top Luxury Restaurants in Miami: A Culinary Journey

HouseLab September 11, 2023

Miami, with its vibrant culture, pristine beaches, and pulsating nightlife, has also carved a niche for itself on the global culinary map. The city's luxury restaurants are not just about food; they offer an experience that tantalizes all senses. Here's a curated list of the top luxury restaurants in Miami that you must visit this season:

1. Doya:

An epitome of modern Aegean cuisine, Doya seamlessly blends the flavors of Greece and Turkey, sprinkled with notes from the Mediterranean and Middle East. Chef Erhan Kostepen, previously of Mandolin, believes in the concept of 'meze' - dishes meant to be shared, making every meal a communal experience.

2. Zuma:

Nestled in downtown Miami, Zuma is where traditional Japanese flavors meet contemporary flair. With its roots in cities like London, Hong Kong, and Dubai, Zuma promises a burst of flavors in a lively setting.

3. Mila:

Mila is not just a restaurant; it's a rooftop experience in the heart of South Beach. Awarded Michelin’s “Point of View”, Mila offers a fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese, coined as 'MediterrAsian' cuisine, under the expertise of Chef Helmy Saadon and Chef Michael Michaelidis.

4. Casa Tua:

For those who have an affinity for Italian cuisine, Casa Tua is the place to be. Resembling a luxurious private club, the ambiance is intimate with rooms adorned with candles and flowers. The outdoor garden adds to its charm, making it a romantic getaway.

5. Sexy Fish:

From the streets of London to the heart of Miami, Sexy Fish offers an underwater-themed ambiance with Damien Hirst artwork. Chef Director Björn Weissgerber's Asian-inspired menu is a treat, especially when paired with their award-winning cocktails.

6. Itamae:

A gem in the Design District, Itamae is a celebration of Nikkei cuisine with a touch of traditional Peruvian flavors. Chefs Valerie and Fernando Chang masterfully craft dishes that are a visual and gastronomic delight.

7. LPM Restaurant and Bar:

If you're looking for a slice of the French Mediterranean in Miami, LPM Restaurant & Bar is where you should head. The ambiance is reminiscent of the Cote d’Azur, and the cocktails are nothing short of mixology masterpieces.

8. Joe’s Stone Crab:

A visit to Miami Beach is incomplete without tasting the best crabs in town at Joe’s Stone Crab. Especially during the stone crab season, this place is bustling with seafood enthusiasts.


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