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Navigating South Florida's Sizzling Housing Market: To Buy Now or Wait?

HouseLab September 11, 2023

South Florida's housing landscape is a conundrum for potential buyers. With median prices hitting record highs for four straight months, even as sales dip and mortgage interest rates soar to two-decade peaks, many are left wondering: Is it wise to invest now or hold off until rates potentially decrease?
The backdrop is intriguing: A Miami Beach estate, once the abode of the legendary Cher, is up for a staggering $42.5 million. Such listings, combined with the latest data showing median sales prices of $631,670 for houses and $420,000 for condos in Miami-Dade County, paint a picture of a market in flux.
Interestingly, expert predictions at the start of 2023 seemed optimistic. Many believed that after two consecutive years of skyrocketing prices, a stabilization was on the horizon. However, the reality has been different. Limited availability has led to buyers shelling out more, pushing prices even higher.
So, what's the consensus among experts? Here's a snapshot:

Dive in Now

Establish a budget and stick to it. Aim to spend no more than 3.5 times your annual income on a property.
Don't bank on interest rates plummeting. Even if they do, they're unlikely to return to the ultra-low levels of early 2020.
Homes priced at or below the median in Miami-Dade and Broward are in high demand, suggesting their prices will continue to rise.
Eli Beracha, a renowned real estate professor, believes prices will only increase, especially when interest rates drop. Buying now offers more choices and stable prices amidst rising demand.

Hold Off for Now

Many potential buyers are in a holding pattern, waiting for either prices or interest rates to dip. When that happens, competition will intensify.
Renting might seem like a temporary solution, but remember, landlords can hike up rents. On the other hand, a mortgage offers payment stability.
Jack McCabe, a real estate research expert, emphasizes the importance of market affordability. He predicts a slowdown in Florida's migration next year, which could impact supply and demand dynamics.

Considerations for the Future

Buying a home should be viewed as a long-term commitment. If you're considering selling within seven years, it might be best to wait.
The condo market in popular areas like Edgewater and Brickell is expected to see an influx of properties, potentially leading to competitive deals.

Parting Thoughts

Tingyu Zhou, a distinguished professor of real estate, advises against trying to time the market. Instead, he suggests potential buyers assess their financial health, understand their limits, and prioritize needs over desires.


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